Once Upon a Time in the White House

Once Upon a Time in the White House

»Thank you so much for coming. Please take a seat.«

»Thank you, Mr. President. You are too kind to see me.«

»Well, yes, I surely am. You know, they say, you are a wise man.«

»Some do, indeed.«

»That’s good. You see, we’ve got a problem.«

»I understand that your people tend to shot each other in mass shootings?«

»Exactly! So, you are indeed a wise man. What can we do about it?«

»About the mass shootings?«


»Well, I think it would be a good start to not allow people to buy weapons.«

»Weapons, huh? Interesting idea, interesting.«

»Thank you.«

»But how about we don’t disallow weapons, but instead we forbid same-sex marriage?«

»Forbid same-sex marriage, Mr. President?«

»Yes, exactly.«

»How would that help reducing mass shootings?«

»Well, you are the wise man. You tell me!«

»I am absolutely conviced that forbidding same-sex marriage will not reduce mass shootings.«

»It won’t? Really? Too bad!«

»Mr. President, perhaps we could come back to the idea of banning weapons from …«

»No, we can’t do that. Impossible!«

»And that is because …?«

»Because people like their guns. But they don’t like homosexuals.«

»And that is why you would rather prohibit same-sex marriage than weapons?«

»You! You ARE the wise man!«

»I see, Mr. President, I see.«

»So, do you have any suggestions?«

»Well, actually I am slowly getting an idea about why your people like to shot each other.«

»That’s great! Uh, I see time is passing. Let’s meet again next week to talk about your findings, shall we?«

»Of course, Mr. President. I will bring my gun.«


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